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GrowSurf Is Now An Open Startup

Posted by Kevin Yun | Mar 17, 2021

We are making all of our revenue and core metrics public here.

Why? Because building SaaS is really hard. Doing it bootstrapped (with no external funding) is harder. But we've found inspiration and motivation in being able to follow other SaaS founder's journeys.

Here’s my personal list over the years:

I hope that by sharing our ups and downs, victories and challenges, mistakes and insights, we can shed light on the SaaS startup world and maybe one day provide some inspiration of our own.

GrowSurf in charts

Years ago, I was listening to an IndieHackers interview (can’t remember which one) about a founder who didn’t get traction from the v1 product, but found success following a complete overhaul. I'm sure this sounds familiar to some of you, but this is also the GrowSurf story.

We had a really bad v1 product, $66 MRR, and no traction (after a really long time). Here is the 'before' image with ~$100 of MRR being from our team:

After months of stress, self-doubt, and a never-say-die attitude, we decided to rebuild the product from the ground up. Fast forward to today, we are at $24k in MRR:

Our open goals

There’s a quote out there that if you can get your first 10 customers, then you can get 100, then 1,000.

So, we’re shooting for 5x growth. Our main goal is to reach $1MM annual recurring revenue (ARR). Let’s see how that goes, and how long that will take us 🙏

Do we have a plan? Yes

Will it work out? TBD

See our revenue and core metrics at

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